Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya Complaints Policy
Information and advice for members wishing to make complaints about and to Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya
§ The President and the Executive Committee (EC) are responsible for dealing with
complaints relating to Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya, including but not restricted to EC
Members, Jamaat members, programs and functions held at al-Zahra Centre.
§ If you have a complaint or concern you should first arrange to speak directly with the
Jamaat President so it can be discussed in an informal manner and your grievance
§ If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or the action taken at this stage
you can ask for your complaint to be considered by the Executive Committee at the
next suitable meeting.
§ To facilitate this procedure you should write to the Secretary General, outlining all
pertinent details of your complaint & details of any witnesses if appropriate, to this
Al-Zahra Centre
81Fearnley Street
WD18 0RB
§ When the Executive Committee review your complaint you will have an opportunity to
be present. After the EC meeting the Secretary General will write to every one
concerned to let them know the outcome reached by the EC.
§ If you’re unhappy with the outcome you can register your dissatisfaction by writing to
the Secretary General outlining your reasons. The Executive Committee will review
this appeal and make a decision as to whether the original decision is valid or whether
it needs to be reviewed because of changing circumstances. Either way you will be
informed via letter of the EC’s decision.